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Flipping CRM on it's head.

“The best CRM. Easy to use and feature-rich and intuitive to use. I spent too much time working with competitive systems, and none provided the features available with Sales Canvas. Our sales have increased because we are ahead of our customers' requirements.”

Lorne Roberts, Integral Office.

We are a small sales organization selling in the environmental municipal and industrial market. Sales Canvas is very simple and easy to use. It provides all of the information that we need and more. It is a valuable tool for our sales people. Transition to this platform was quick and easy with help all along the way.

Blake Tonogai, ACG Envirocan

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Sales Canvas is the first CRM tool built for how sales people work.

It's founded on 4 concepts:

  • Automate data capture - less typing, more selling.
  • Incredibly easy to use - little to no training needed.
  • Proactive feedback - trust that accounts never fall through the cracks

Classic CRM tools have failed too many times - it's time for a radical new approach.

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